The Work Warehouse is a one-stop destination for men’s workwear, apparel, safety footwear and PPE. We are a family-owned business based in Sydney. We began manufacturing safety shoes and boots since 1989. We have been suppling, distributing and manufacturing safety boots for 28 years. We make customized safety footwear according to the persona and style of a person.

What to Expect from the Work Warehouse?

For 3 decades, we have been offering a wide range of safety products that include personal protective equipment (PPE), men work trousers, apparel and safety footwear to customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and other cities in Australia. Apart from safety glasses and footwear we even offer corporate, hospital and sporting wear from reputed brands such as Bisley, Mongrel, Steel Blue, Fashion Biz, DNC, Blundstone, Redback and many more.

At the Work Warehouse, we have adept in-house safety footwear designers who help in making customized safety boots according to the requirement of the customers. We offer work wear online to customers across Australia.

What Makes the Work Warehouse the No. 1 Choice for the Customers?

•    We offer top brands at a fair price. Some of the brands offered by us are King Gee, Yakka, Oliver, Puma, MSA, Pro Choice, etc.
•    We provide tailor-made safety footwear according to the requirement of the customers.
•    We have been into this business for about 3 decades and have established ourselves as a trustworthy company.
•    We offer services such as screen printing and quality embroidery.

The Range Of Products from The Work Warehouse

•    Footwear: We offer high quality men’s and ladies safety footwear from lace up boots, elastic-side boots, jogger, executive footwear to fashion accessories.

•    Safety Protective Gears: In this category we offer hand, face, head, ears, eyes and respiratory protective devices. For the protection of hands we offer gloves made from an array of materials such as leather, cotton, synthetic, rubber and PVC.

•    For face and head protection: we offer brim hats, hard hats, caps, hi-visibility headwear and face protective device. The hard hats are available in a wide range of colours and models to set apart one worker from another.

•    We offer ear plugs and earmuffs as ear protective device.

•    For protecting the eyes of workers: we offer tainted and clear safety glasses and goggles.

•    Workwear: In this category we offer HI VIS, flame resistant and wet weather workwear for men. We even offer ladies workwear such as HI-visibility workwear, trousers, workwear shirts and shorts.

•    General Safety Devices: We offer safety devices such as spill kits, hazard tape, general safety gears, road safety, cooling products and sun protective lip balms and lotions.

•    Casual Wear: In this category we offer men’s jackets, active wear, singlets etc. We even offer ladies singlets and jackets.

•    Corporate Wear: We offer business shirts, vests, trousers and jackets for both men and women. We even offer fashion accessories such as slimline, patent, reversible or corporate belts. We offer Insect Protection Bisley Antibacterial socks as well.

Thus for safety apparels, footwear or workwear contact us at +61 2 9638 0086. We have been serving customers all across Australia in the cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide etc. Our high-quality products available at a fair price make us stand apart from our competitors. For all kinds of workwear, footwear and safety gears, get in touch with us.